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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 30, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> the police released the name of the officer, he was not hurt. the accused is in critical care at shock trauma. baltimore county police need your help, they are trying to track down a serial burglar, an arrest warrant has been issued for 34-year-old robert taylor. he is charged with breaking into a towson office building and stealing several laptops and cash. police think taylor is also responsible for several other robberies in the towson and cockeysville area since june. so, if you have any information, call metro crimestoppers right now at 1- 1- 866-7-lockup. you could be eligible for a $2,000 reward. you can see more reports by heading to if you're just switching in, we want to get you caught
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up. tonight people firefighters are walking through a neighborhood where a carbon monoxide leak killed two people and sent more than a dozen more to the hospital earlier this month. they are talking to you about the dangers of carbon monoxide and they are making sure that you have smoke and co detectors and they are working. the cordish company now has the approval to begin construction for a slots casino at arundel mills mall. according to published reports the department of planning and zoning has approved the plan and cordish plans to build the project in two phases. the first one a temporary casino in the first floor of the parking garage. that is expected to open early next year. the second phase is the permanent casino, live music venue and several restaurants, that 1 expected to be finished by the year 2012. a local couple received news about their new suv today. how about this. thanks to luxury motors. starlet williams and her husband won a 2003 cherokee laredo.
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she says she and her husband will now be able to get to the doctors' appointments. some new video to show you about what's going on in ocean city. canadian surfers caught a few waves off the coast of nova scotia yesterday, freezing cold temperatures, couldn't keep them out of the water. the recent blizzard that blew through created perfect surfing conditions in cal bay. how cold is the water? it's a balmy 42 degrees. >> surf is up jamie. this guy has had some thick wet suits on, 5, 7-millimeter, that water is frigid up in eastern canada. today's their water temp. was like our air temps. it feels better in the air when you're in the 40s though, towards buoy, d.c., ma in as ispushing up close to 50, we'll see a lot of 50s on the map tomorrow. but clouds holding the temps down, there were a few showers,
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powerful radar tracking off of the lower part of the eastern shore. let's talk about your new years eve forecast. into the 40s we go by noon, we'll probably get a good shot at 50, 52 in the afternoon, the new years baby is loving that. look at him jaymee excited over there, yeah, he is ready for the new year, we all are, 2011, we'll have your forecast for the rest of the weekend coming up. >> that's nice. thanks wyatt. a fire official in michigan says searchers have found the body of a woman in the rubble left by an explosion that leveled a furniture store. the suspected natural gas explosion yesterday morning killed a store sells man and severely injured the owner. >> it was like a bomb. that's what i thought it was. >> and we're very sad to see that happen because we have been here since we were kids and to see that go down like that is very sad. >> just after 7:00 search dogs found the body of salesman james el. paul frank, the owner, is in pretty bad shape at the
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hospital the city has declared a state of emergency and is seeking aid to continue on with the search. want to catch a criminal? there's an app for that. a woman used her cell phone to capture a crock. he set it up to watch the dog, she saw someone going through her bedroom. she sent it to a tv station, the viewer recognized him, they arrested him yesterday. down in texas two crooks robbed a tobacco shop but without one of the workers firing back. que see the thieves grab some items but then the owner grabs the gun and starts shooting. gunfire exchanged by both sides. the owner thinks he hit one of the crooks but they did get away with about $150. take a look at this. winter, weather at its worst, high winds brought down a massive tree on a property outside of san francisco crushing the front end of this semi. the driver was not in the cab at the time. all right. you feel sluggish, you need
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energy, you want to impress your doctor, right, but you need a local gym to get you there. one of the top tips you need to remember when shrimping down and signing on that dotted line. plus a little more than 24 hours hundreds of thousands will be packing times square but it can't happen without a little preparation by the organizers.
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happy holidays from the station that works for you, abc 2. >> in tonight's consumer alert, losing weight, getting fit, a common goal in the new year. but before you run out and sign on the dotted line the local gym to make your new years resolution a reality make sure you get the best deals out there. >> reporter: the holiday food coma subsides for many, the fitness goals start to take shape. the new year plus the weak economy means it's prime negotiating time. >> gyms are looking for as many members as they can get. >> reporter: try before you buy. many gyms offer free-week passes but ask for more. >> it takes me longer to learn for something. give me a month. they'll go a month. >> reporter: know your cancellation policy. you can also get a deal if you pay in full for a year but that may not be right for a year.
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>> i might move next year, lose my job, so the short-term higher rates is probably longer than the higher rates. >> look out for the short sells and play hard to get. >> let them know you're in there looking at other gyms. >> reporter: sign up with a family member, friend or roommate and see if they offer a discount. don't rule out the local ymca or community center, they are often an affordable option. for consumer watch i'm nicole collins. that tax package signed into law extended cuts for all of us, right. even those who make millions, now three professors at yale and cornell are asking the rich to give their tax savings to charity. they have created a web site called give it, they have sent a message to the government in the process. all right. u just want to send a little light bob, that's not easy when you have rising gas prices, but the rising cost of one gas-
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guysling vehicle isn't helping out either. plus, it used to be you rent add movie and grabbed a pizza, but the next time you rent that movie it may be missing something. >> abc 2 works for the community. a proud partner with the salvation army. orks for me.
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♪ activia activia dessert.
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economic news for you tonight. new claims for unemployment benefits have dropped to the lowest level in some two years. the number of initial claims dipped to 400,000 last week, that is down 34,000 from the week before and the lower number has a lot to do with people getting temporary work for the holidays. however once they leave those positions claims are likely to go back up. tougher to pay lots of money for gas, not so fun especially when we're hearing rumors about 5 bucks a gallon.
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that may happen. as they report, gas prices aren't the only thing rising. >> reporter: surging gas prices are beginning to drive some motorist off the road. >> we have to be careful, get smaller cars, more fuel- efficient cars, solar powered, whatever. >> more are turning their rental car early and switching to tack cease and the metro for the rest of the visit. >> i think i just going to bring my bike around. >> reporter: over the holidays the national average for a regular gallon of gas jumped up over the $3 mark and it's still rising. >> hurts a lot in the pocket. >> reporter: that's more than 13% from one year ago and 76% higher than two years ago. in december, usually a slow month. >> this is sort of unprecedented in the u.s. to see a spike at this time of the year. >> reporter: former shell oil president johnhoffmeister expects prices to rise steadily to $5 a gallon. >> it's like we're watching a hurricane coming at us and just standing there doing nothing about it. >> reporter: those rising prices could put the brakes on
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economic growth. >> it's almost like prozac for the country, when gas prices are low people tend to feel better about the economy, more mobile, they feel like they have more additional income to spend on other things. >> reporter: it's happening just as the economy is showing some positive signs. jobless claims fell last week to the lowest level since july, 2008, as the price of existing homes rows in november to the highest level in seven months. so what's behind those rising pump priceness analysts blame growing demand, unchanging supply and an explosion of new cars in asia. none of those reynolds is likely to change any time soon. john hendron, abc 2 news washington. >> $5 for gas? ford, rev it up. parental controls in cars to block radio channels with dirty words and limit speeds. how about that. the car company announced up grades to its new technology. it's going to allow parents to limit a vehicle's speed to 65 miles per hour and the up
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grades will also allow parents to block satellite radio programming like shock jock howard stern. have you ever heard of american coroner? of course you have. it's down in caroline county. well abc 2 news has 2 big loyal viewers, george and shirley jacks, we talked about 'em almost every morning. they do great things for the community. but george and shirley sent a scroll to the u.s. troops over in the bag ram air field over in afghanistan. thousands of people signed morale-boosting messages for months all across delmarva. look what happened in afghanistan? they received the christmas gift. right now the scroll, look at this awesome picture, after the photo was taken on christmas eve they cut that portion and the rest of the schedule up in pieces and put it in a building where they had their holiday party and concert. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the
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forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> george and shirley jackson, american corner. >> that's -- you know what i like about when you go down that way, i grew up not far away, but you cross the bay bridge, you just relax a little bit. >> absolutely. >> i mean i'm a city guy, i love the hustle and bustle but when you go that way, some of those small towns are relaxing. >> easton, st. michaels, cambridge. >> sounds relaxing just hearing you say 'em. >> have you been to the restaurant? >> i've heard that. crab cakes, i hear they are legendary. >> i'm going to slip that way when you do the weather. >> we're talking about going there somewhere. anyway outside right now a nice looking night out here. jamie, not that cold, man, just nice way to wrap up the month of december after a really frigid first 3 1/2 months or so. 42 trees right now and you know, over here on the eastern shore, that's where we have seen some of that rain today. mainly down toward the ocean
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city area, down toward maybe salisbury, polka moe, down here, not much rain at all and in fact some of that didn't even hit the ground and where it did go down was on top of a snow pack so that's a really unusual situation. back here in baltimore the things are pretty much all clear. through the day we found generally a mixture of clouds and sunshine. not a bad looking day by any stretch of the imagination but at times clouds kind 0 of holding the high temps down, otherwise a lot warmer. down in d.c. you get the lay- day rain showers adding insult to injury. all that good stuff along the beaches. let's show you the temperatures. cooler overall in delmarva, 39 easton, 36 dover, we've got 40s over here on the western side of the chesapeake, just a little milder, normally, a lot of times that's reversed this time of year, but over where there's spots of snow at least and heavy snow towards the beaches, that does affect temperatures. high temps today, 45 baltimore,
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d.c. 46, easton to 46 as well. 44 up in york. tomorrow we're looking at a couple degrees warmer i think. northwestern, baltimore county, park town maybe 48. close to 50, 51 around the city. speaking of essex there, partly cloudy skies, kind of going to be the rule tomorrow. satellite radar trends all clear, we had a few showers again, eastern shore, those are gone now. i don't expect to see any more rain in here, drier air slotting in across kentucky, down through the carolina, getting some brief clearing in overnight. that should pave the way for a sun mix with clouds tomorrow as opposed to a mostly cloudy day like we had today. rain showers when they moved in they kind of overran an area of high pressure. those showers fizzled out really quickly. as this thing shifts a little further tomorrow warmer air will come up and warm things up too. at least 50 for the bwi in the city tomorrow. a shot at getting warmer than that, definitely will on the
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first day of through years saturday. future caster, general he warm tomorrow. really no chance for rain, mild, 50 as you head out in the evening, in the 40s, next rainmaker doing with a cool front as we go into saturday evening, that would be the first night we see some rain. 25 at night and dry tomorrow. sun mixed with clouds, 50 trees. tomorrow night as we head out to bring in the new year, looking like a pretty good night. down to 34, so get temps in the 40s early in the evening, i think it's going to be a good one out there, the seven-day forecast out here, good stuff. 54 or so, first day of the new year, we think the rain showers should be gone by the game with any luck. jamie. >> where did your baby go. >> he is on the autograph temp. i'll get him back. >> many movie buffs are unhappy, the movies they rented to watch during the off time is missing something. consumer reporter john matarese is telling us why some rental
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movies are shrimping down so you don't waste your money. >> reporter: winter is a big time for movie rentals since the days are short and many people are indoors. but if you're planning to rent any dvds soon you might want to know about a change some studios are making that is leaving some movie fans crying in their popcorn. one of the main advantages to movies on dvd as opposed to in the theater are all the bonus features you get. but next time you visit red box or rent something from netflix you may be in for a surprise. the web site the consumerriest reports several studios are now turning off the bonus features on rental movies, hit the menu and instayed of out takes and menus you may see this screen saying "this is intended for rental purposes and only features the rental film." it then urges you to rent or own it on blu-ray to get these bonus features. which means you have to shell out another 25 bucks.
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ant the from doesn't that stink, you can't skip through. more and more studios are making it possible to skip through the previous use or trailers before your movie starts. doesn't that stink? you can try hitting the dvd menu button on your remote but that doesn't always work. so let me get this straight. theory limb nateing bonus scenes from some rental dvds but making you sit through all the previews? well at least they don't force you to watch commercials, at least not yet. on the "don't waste your money" i'm john matarese. >> to infinity and beyond, buzz light-year is going to be on a stamp, buzz will appear with two of the green-eyed aliens, sorry woody, not this time. listen, we're just getting started. all new at 6:00, trapped with no place to go. a dog's cries near the inner harbor do not go unheard. some of baltimore's finest save
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man's best friend? i was trying to stay off and hoped it would land in the right hands. >> the distraction in mt. vernon that brought people outside, the item they discovered and the holiday item that came late for one visit ore who will never forget charm city. all at 6:00 but here is a preview of what's ahead of us on world news at 6:30. coming up on world news that storm out west on the move tonight, we're in it and where it will become new year's. a bold prediction, gas prices at a dollars a gallon. and watching you, a camera inside your grocery cart. what it reveals. dentures are softer than teeth. and a lot of people, when they get a denture, they think the best way to clean it is by brushing it with toothpaste. toothpaste contains abrasives that scratch dentures, leaving microscopic crevices where bacteria can grow,
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and bacteria can cause bad breath. the best way to go is to soak them in polident. only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria. i recommend using polident and soak every day. it's the right way to go.
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it's funny, we're all here in the studio talking about what they do on new year's eve.
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we watch ryan seacrest and dick clark. we'll watch the ball drop in times square like we do every christmas eve. hundreds of thousands of revelers will be up in the snow. so they held a dress rehearse all. here is abc 2 news acer incater ski. >> 3, 2, 1, happy new year. >> since 1907 it has been emblematic of new year's eve. the ball dropped from the stanchion. the first ball was made of iron and wood. today it's waterford crystal and bigger and brighter. >> it actually has 2680 waterford crystal triangles, that create over 60 million colors, billions of patterns, like a kaleidoscope in the sky. >> revelers have welcomed the new year in times square since 1904 when it marked the opening of the new york times headquarters and the completion of the city's first subway line. today it's a made for tv event. new kids on the block are among
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the performers. tens of thousands of balloons will filter through the crowd. times square was targeted earlier this year in a failed car bomb attempt. while there are no specific or credible threats against the new years eve celebration security will be tight. >> we'll have several thousand police officers deployed, we have every indication that it will be a safe and happy event. >> once the clock strikes midnight the cloud disperses, clean up begins, and they start planning for the next new year's eve. aaron katersky, abc 2 news, new york. >> we'll be watching. you watch us at 6:00 because we have a library book making it's way back to baltimore after almost 65 years. that story and more, plus why it's full forecast for your new years eve. all coming up next at 6:00 which starts right now. >> announcer: now, abc 2 news at 6:00. >> a black lab mix thought he was michael phelps but the harbor was the wrong place to
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take a tiff. this lucky lab was rescued and, on the, he is rewarding his humans for saving him. i'm jamie costello with your 6:00 news. listen, we've got an email from kate rhoda who says all the news is sad, terrifying. tonight this story is for kate and for you with pets and those who would risk your life to save the life of another. rosy has the story. rosy. >> reporter: a dog in the water struggling to survive, it could have ended badly, but they rescued a pet in danger and united him with his owner. it was a bad day to take a swim. penny ran out of the apt when the delivery man came to the door. when the owner came home she searched everywhere but didn't go near the docks because her dog would never ever go into the water. >> he has never gone thaw th


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